Monday, October 15, 2007

Sweet, glorious heaven on earth

Am I discussing Disney World? Nah. I am discussing the fact that my roommie made homemade Ranch Dressing from a recipe that her chef boyfriend gave her. Dear Jesus, it is good. I got home and found it waiting in the fridge. I had not a cracker or chip in site, but I scrounged up some pretzels that were in the bottom of my Cheez-it Party Mix (which, btw, had been left over after a certain someone came to dogsit for Teddy and ate all the good stuff out of the box...) and tasted some of the most delicious dip ever. As soon as she gets home I am going to implore her to marry this man. Clearly anyone who can conjure up this deliciousness must have more up his sleeve. This man will not remain unhitched long...especially in the South. You know what they say about a southern girl and BJ's?

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