Thursday, October 25, 2007

Here's a rant

If you insist on riding the back end of my car then I will insist on driving slower than Morgan Freeman escorting Miss Daisy around town. I am not intimidated by your big bad lights in my rear view mirror and no matter how many times you throw your hands in the air I will continue to drive slower than CHRISTMAS ITSELF.

On another note, I feel it is important for me clear up a few misconceptions about my profession.

I am a librarian...this doesn't mean...
...that I read all day. I wish.
...that I am barely able to string two sentences together and anyone can do what I do. I dare you to find a book when someone tells you they don't know the author, title and they "think maybe it had a blue cover, but it could have been green and it had a dog in it."
...that when we don't have a book you want it means that the library is "pathetic." I am sorry that we don't have every tome known to man. Move on to another library.
...that I look like your maid. That it is okay to come to my place of work and wreck the place and expect that I will gladly hop to it and clean up after your lazy ass.
...that your ill behaved children are nearly as charming as everyone else has assured you they are. They are living embodiments that Beelzebub is roaming the earth and wreaking havoc through tiny hands.

Just a few thoughts for your day.


Susie said...

I am right there with you, kiddo.

Peyton said...

People can be so annoying... hang in there.