Friday, February 29, 2008

Mid-vacay breakdown

Not much to really update, but I felt like writing. I took my car to get the emissions checked (required in the great state of Tennessee) and while waiting in the long line - it was two days before the end of the month so I should have expected it - I cleaned my sh*t hole of a vehicle. I haven't cleaned it in months...perhaps a year and it needed it. Dropped the car off at the Honda place and got a tune up and had them fix a few things on it. It rained all day today so I didn't do much, although dad and I went to this diner located inside of a Harley-Davidson store and it was awesome. Strange, but awesome. We had shrimp etoufee tonight and it was also delicious. My brother, sister-in-law, and I played Life (I guess it's a new trend?) and I lost. Coni won, but I have my suspicions that she was cheating. I have no proof, but I lost so it seems probable in my mind. Tomorrow I plan on hanging out with an old friend and her kids - my godchildren :)

BTW, The Tenth Circle was great. I started it late Wednesday night/Thursday morning and finished the last of it today. I would recommend it. Now, I have to find something else to read because I didn't bring anything else so that I would be forced to read my book. Hmmmm. I'll probably just read something I have stashed away in the house.

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