Sunday, September 30, 2007

In your face Ice Cream Man!!

I got dressed up this past Friday. You know - make-up, heels, low cut shirt, sexily tousled hair (if I do say so myself). I was almost overcome with the need to drive through the ice cream place and tell Mr. Inappropriate Comment Ice Cream Vendor (as I like to call him...or Senor Jacka** for short) that I do actually leave my home on occasion. Ha! I decided that this action could potentially be seen as even more pathetic so I refrained. Barely. I just thought I should blog about it as SOMEONE out there called me borderline agoraphobic. I don't need to name names...ahem Mr. AJR.


Roach said...

It takes one to know one.

Belle of Madison said...

So where did you go?

katie g. said...

Bottega and then a local bar. We didn't stay out too long, it's like a warm-up for theb-day